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White and Orange Sdn Bhd, established in 2003, is a 100 percent Bumiputera advertising agency which is fully accredited to The New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd. The New Straits Times Press has been the perfect medium and advertising vehicle for many successful campaigns. Some companies have utilised the Run On Page (ROP) spaces while others have properly designed their communication concepts to make the best use of our variety of sections and columns.

We have the experience of servicing several corporate organizations, namely Perbadanan Nasional Berhad (PNS), Golden Hope Bhd, Yayasan Al Bukhary, government agencies including the Perak State Government, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Health, Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Ministry of Works, LPPKN and international events like the Le Tour de Langkawi and World Badminton Championship.

As a full pledge agency, we have our own creative unit which is to provide effective concepts and ideas, culminated in eye catching and arresting graphic design. With our attractive and competitive packages and circulation figures increasing daily, we are highly confident of our capability to act as an effective marketing medium for your advertising and promotional campaigns.

If dynamism is the catch word of today's business world, then we are pretty ordinary. To succinctly describe White and Orange Sdn Bhd (W&O) would be the gel of young enthusiasm and experienced wisdom. Speedy adaption to and deep understanding of market and clients needs are the mantra that we at W&O adhere to dutifully.

As far as clients look for expertise in an advertising agency, our niche is placed on pre advertisement design and placement. Even though W&O is no more than seven years in age, it has to its credit, secured a pretty long list of reputable clients.

What W&O had achieved so far, was not by mere chance. It was actually spawned by our worldly wise ex-newpaperman with extensive networking in various government and private bodies. We place our pride on our own tag line 'YOUR MEDIA EXECUTOR'.

To us the client is our ultimate boss. No matter how demanding the deadline is, we live to ensure that every request is met with speed and precision. We and the media owners know too well the consequences when a business concern 'misses the boat'.

Yes, press advertisement insertions deals mainly with deadlines and planning. But, we are in full readiness to initiate any kind of press advertisement needs, be it on an ad hoc basis or a full blown media campaign.

Relationship, whether we want to admit it or not, does plays an important role in conducting any kind of business. And we take pride for our close rapport with the various media owners in the nation, which allow us to synchromously tango with them beautifully. This directly benefits our clients and help them to communicate desires, wants and needs effectively and immensely profitable for our clients' business.

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